Tempestuous Clash as Gib Hold out – Andalusian GAA League 2nd Round

The last quarter of the tempestuous Andalusian League clash of Costa Gaels and Gibraltar Gaels. The game was effectively over at this point with the best of the action taking place in the first half, however both teams battled to the end with every ball being fiercely contested.

This, the second game of the the 2021 league, saw Gibraltar record an impressive victory, winning on a score line of 5-17 to 5-4 (32-19 in points). The previous game was contested by Éire Óg @Sevillaeire and Gibraltar with the former coming out on top by 3-19 to 2-16 (28-22 in points).

The pressure would have been on Gibraltar to get a win and having already played a match this season obviously stood to them, while Costa Gaels looked like they needed the game and will come on greatly from this test.

This really sets up the next game between Sevilla and Costa Gaels on October 23rd where Sevilla will try to make it two from two but Costa Gaels will travel with strong belief that they can bring the league level with each team on one win.

Saturday’s match was won mostly on good use of possession. Gibraltar went seamlessly from defense to attack and looked dangerous at stages. Costa Gaels, despite losing, played with greater energy at times and whenever they tested the Gibraltar defense it looked like a goal was on. This energy was also their undoing as they were turned over and chances were spurned.

Gibraltar were ultimately the more measured team and kept the points going over without running into tackles and taking unnecessary risks. The Gaels will be disappointed with their misuse of possession and will no doubt address this going forward.

Everyone will agree though, the return to competitive GAA action in Andalusia is greatly welcomed and we look forward to a fine season with more tough battles ahead.



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