John P Brady

Writer, Irish. Eccentric debauchery & social observations.

Praise for Back to the Gaff:

“Dubliners meets Trainspotting”

“A witty mixture of violence, sex and drugs which at times is hilarious, poignant, maniacal and always coated with rhythm, energy and song of the Irish dialect.”

Back to the Gaff

A few quotes:

‘Do you want a cup of tea?’ enquired Dean. He wasn’t referring to the famous Indian beverage popularised during colonial times.
[Gerry] He sat at the end of the counter by a wall where he could avoid needless conversation.
The bar was filled with loud conversation, fanatical laughter and the smell of stout. 
A half hour of making out went by like one of those sweet dreams of the early morning.
It will involve stealing some sort of transportational device and mad dash caper involving high speed car chases across town but be there I will.
He dreaded who else might hear about this as the day progressed. He would probably get a reputation, or at least a nickname.

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