Blitz update: Controversy and scandal as “missing notebook” mars GAA tournament

I’ve heard of whistles being lost on Craggy Island but the ref’s notebook is a new one on me. Questions have been raised now about the validity of suspensions and even the legitimacy of the tournament itself as the referee will now be forced to recall from memory, the scores, cards and results.

Rumor has it that this vital match record may in fact be stolen. Chief suspect is a certain “northern” man who was not involved in the actual match. He is believed to filling the pages with mini sketches of male genitalia as we speak. I have been informed that there is “history” between some of the individuals concerned and that penile representations of referees is not a new concept.

Paddy Power has been offering attractive odds on the outcome.

Notebook stolen 2/1
Notebook found “in other trousers” 7/1
Notebook returned undamaged 20/1
Referee declared insane (odds unavailable)



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John P Brady writes literary fiction, articles on social themes and sport. He ran a blog about life in Italy, where he lived for 6 years. His first book, a collection, entitled Back to the Gaff has been published by Roadside Fiction. It concerns the wild happenings in Dublin by night. 

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Back to the Gaff

Scandalous Narratives of Contemporary Ireland

Back to the Gaff is a collection by author John P Brady, which describes the excessive and outrageous nature of Irish night life.

Meet an array of eccentric individuals who populate the bars of Dublin, living lives of decadence and abandon. Their frolics inevitably lead to a trip ‘back to the gaff,’ which in Dublin-speak means gravitating towards someone’s place of residence where the depravity continues.


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