Back to the Gaff by John P Brady

Scandalous Narratives of Contemporary Ireland.

Back to the Gaff is a book by first time author John P Brady, which describes the excessive and outrageous nature of Irish night life.
Meet an array of eccentric individuals who populate the bars of Dublin, living lives of decadence and abandon. Their frolics inevitably lead to a trip ‘back to the gaff,’ which in Dublin-speak means gravitating towards someone’s place of residence where the depravity continues.

Many of the characters are figures who prop up some of the city centre bars and inhabit a parallel universe in which they never have a normal night out. The mundane is their enemy which they strike out against at every opportunity, escaping into a world of vice, where sex is casual and drugs are ubiquitous.

Are you ready? Let’s head “back to the gaff”!


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