Story published! – ‘The Sport of Kings?’

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Hi, great news, I’ve a story published in The Galway Review. It’s available to read on line here

The story is about two guys who worked in a bookmakers, taking bets all day from down and out types, the punters who never stop. These fine gentlemen, of course, would prefer to be drinking pints of Guinness in a fine local bar than dealing with these fools who come in every day to lose their money.

The Sport of Kings?

By John P Brady

Rory sat in work looking at the clock. The 5:30 at Punchestown was about to start and a sole punter came running up to the counter with a last minute docket. Rory took the bet which distracted momentarily from his forlorn deliberations as to why he was in this dead end job. Soon the racing would be finished and he could close the shop and go for a pint. He was off the next day. >>>continue reading>>>

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