Learn a Language to Improve Brain Power

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Learn a Language to Improve Brain Power

The subjective matter of which area of your life can be best improved by learning a new language, career, love life, travel or brain power will depend on your own unique experience of life. As a rule of thumb though, all four areas will be enhanced, but one will perhaps emerge as the winner.

During a long period of fascination with Italy, my desire to travel, to become erudite on matters such as the local food, nightspots and browse the markets has never diminished. For me it became apparent that being able to communicate effectively in Italian was essential in achieving satisfaction in any of these areas.

The use of a second language has become an addiction; when communication with a local is successful even on one occasion, you instantly reach your goals and even surpass your expectations of a given scenario. For example obtaining exactly the right type of peach to stew overnight in local red wine was further rewarded by the street trader with free samples of plums. On another occasion asking the fish seller to prepare a sea bream was further rewarded by the bonus of a fistful of fresh parsley as a worthy stuffing or garnish.

Workwise I now teach English as a foreign language while including journalism, blogging and translating as other occupations. Teaching English in Sicily would not be realistic without a good command of Italian (and perhaps some Sicilian!) as the grammar points often need to be explained in both English and Italian. Without the language a teacher would be limited to working with advanced and upper intermediate levels only. If a student asks what does “should” mean in Italian, such a teacher would not be able to tell them.

As for love life it’s obvious that an Italian lady will look more favourably on a prospective suitor if you tell her in her native language that you adore her. ‘Ma quanto sei bella, sei indimenticabile! You’re so beautiful, you are unforgettable!’ You might also need to add: ‘I have a large BMW and earn 150 K per year.’ This should convince her further.

It is said that learning a new language opens up new sections of the brain that have never been used before. It certainly helps in understanding language and communication in a general sense making the essence of what people want to say much clearer.

As an Irishman, I learned Gaelic during school and was fluent by the age of 12, though I was one of the lucky ones in having a magnificent native speaker as a teacher. This helped me to approach other languages with confidence, especially since Gaelic’s use of pronouns and direct and indirect articles is more similar to Italian than to English. It has been proven by research some of which is listed above that learning a third language is easier than learning a second.

As I stated at the beginning this is a subjective matter but one particular area shone through for me personally. The advantage of speaking a second or third language in my experience has been in the intellect department. I find that I can now work on many simultaneous projects without becoming either confused or tired. The ability to use your brain in diverse ways at an instant’s notice has been established through the improved cognitive function that results from learning and speaking other languages daily. It could be compared to developing the physique so that it can achieve feats previously not possible.

In few words, or as the Italians say, in poche parole, learning a language is a great workout for your brain which takes it to inconceivable heights and releases your true potential.
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John P. Brady is an Irish writer, Financial Trader and occasional journalist.  He divides his time between Ireland and Italy.  His interests include travel writing, social comment and eccentric debauchery. His first book, Back to the Gaff, described as "Trainspotting meets Dubliners" is available. Buy the ebook

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  • October 24, 2012 at 14:57

    I have learned, and mostly forgotten, six languages. But I wasn’t smart enough to find the button that would help you win something.

    • October 24, 2012 at 23:58

      You must be very smart indeed if you learned 6 languages. They will measure the number of fb likes the article receives. The button is below and above the article.

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  • February 19, 2013 at 18:56

    The key to success with women
    2% sei bellissima or not less than outstanding
    98% i earn 150k per year.

    • February 25, 2013 at 03:12

      Well this is true advice from an Italian himself…it can’t be disputed! So I hope your salary is high otherwise I don’t know man…


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