Viagra on a Sicilian Sunday – Good Food and Drink

Vino dalla Sicilia

It’s always a good day when you can’t decide which of the mouthwatering delights in your kitchen you’re going to luxuriate in. Today was an exception though, as there were a few alien delights from Puglia in addition to the daily wonders from Sicily.

Burrata is a divine experience. It’s described as mozzarella with cream, with an outer layer of the former and a luxurious centre comprising both. This indulgent cheese is typically found in the Murgia subregion of Puglia. It’s best enjoyed with some fresh bread, ideally schiacciatella as found in Sicily.

Burrata cheese from Puglia

Add to this wonderful mix some viagra! Yes, a spicy peperoncino based red pesto come salsa from Puglia that is called viagra. I tasted it apprehensively unsure what might happen next. Would I spend the remainder of the day in the throes of unavoidable passion? I looked over at my lunch companion and gave her the eye.

Both burrata and viagra go really well on bread but the latter also makes a fine pesto for your otherwise bland pasta. Looking into the fridge, I spotted a cotoletta di pollo, a delicious piece of breaded chicken, which tastes much better than it either sounds or looks. Fried on a non-stick pan without oil and sprinkled with fresh lemon juice, this can make you reassess your relationship with chicken.

viagra salsa di puglia

I had taken the liberty of stocking up on local biological wine at the Sunday morning market and so was prepared for any eventualities. The salsa viagra/wine combination hit me. I was destined for good times!

At the market there were bio vegetables, fruit, cheese, pesto, tomato salsa and whatever else you could think of. A drunken foreigner (not me, another one!) hovered around the wine stall. He, like every drunk, wished to impart knowledge, wisdom known only to him. The wine vendor shook his head.
‘If you drink it every day and don’t eat, you become crazy!’
I had every intention of eating I assured him, as I selected from the glorious range he had on offer.

Now for lunch. Being a Sunday there was one more ingredient to fulfil the billing: Jazz. It should be mandatory every Sunday lunchtime, in my humble, partially drunk, and now festooned opinion. Buona domenica!


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John P. Brady is an Irish writer, Financial Trader and occasional journalist.  He divides his time between Ireland and Italy.  His interests include travel writing, social comment and eccentric debauchery. His first book, Back to the Gaff, described as "Trainspotting meets Dubliners" is available. Buy the ebook

2 thoughts on “Viagra on a Sicilian Sunday – Good Food and Drink

  • August 29, 2014 at 20:29

    Wow! You are making me salivate there…….

    Sitting here back in Scotland, the joy of being able to go and select fantastic produce AND the old vino, to put together a decent picnic meal is not lost on me, it just seems to be only in a faraway land…..(not Tesco land! My favourite cheesy Italian thing, and it was dessert actually, amazingly not in Sicily, in a restaurant in Bari in fact….was the simple confection of crisp biscuit, think super-thin shortbread type round, topped with “Buffala Ricotta” (whipped with cream/icing sugar) and drizzled with caramel sauce. It was like the angels were singing as my tastebuds awoke!

    • September 6, 2014 at 16:26

      Now you’ve got me salivating… Apparently this wealth of choice is not available outside Catania. Some friends from Calabria say that the markets don’t have the same variety.


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