Dublin Street Art

Some of these photos were also published in Roadside Fiction Issue Six. View them here.

I took a walk around Dublin’s Fair City on a recent trip home and was pleased to see that the street art scene there has really taken off. Money and space has been allocated to organisations and artists and the resulting artwork has really lifted the feel of the city, especially in some of the more grim areas.

Some call it graffiti, others appreciate the artistic value and the skill of the artists involved. They bring colour to our streets, helping to inspire many on the daily commute, on the drunken stagger home or on a Sunday stroll with their significant other.

These pictures were taken during the summer of 2013 so already some of these pieces may not exist any more. It would take a brave artist to paint over “Roses on the Wall” or “Blue Wolf” for example. The artists of these pieces are unknown and if anyone can shed light on this feel free to add some info in the comments. One thing is sure, that both the music and street art scenes are flourishing in Dublin.

Dublin Street Art
On Guard


Dublin Street Art
Get Out Into That Day


Dublin street art
Faces on the Wall


Dublin Street Art
Green Man


Dublin Street Art
Mad Cow


Dublin Street Art
Blue Wolf


Dublin Street Art


Dublin Street Art
Listen To Me


Dublin Street Art
Roses On The Wall


Dublin Street Art
Government Sponsored Happiness


Dublin Street Art
Nothing Happens Until You…


Dublin Street Art
Make It Happen

Dublin Street Art – Artists unknown. Any info is welcome in the comments below.


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