Customer Service Sicily Style

Customer Service Sicily

Customer Service SicilyMy mobile phone broke down and obstinately refused to emit any noise when someone called.  I had tried everything in a bid to fix it but to no avail.  As a last resort I took it back to the shop where I bought it.  After waiting for the sales assistant to plan his weekend and discuss his present life concerns with a friend who stood by the counter finally I was able to explain the problem.

The sales assistant listened with disinterest.  He finally concluded that it was nothing to with him and not a concern for the shop.  ‘But I bought it here,’ I tried to say.  ‘It’s under warranty,’ I persuaded, all to his increasing discontent.

He explained by way of invention and involving technicalities that were neither real nor comprehensible, that I had no case.  It was a remarkable take on the situation.

In general customer service in Sicily can be summed up by one phrase ‘Get the hell out of here and stop bothering me!’

Back to the Gaff

Scandalous Narratives of Contemporary Ireland

Dublin, Ireland, Irish writing, short stories

Back to the Gaff is a book by new author John P Brady, which describes the excessive and outrageous nature of Irish night life. Meet an array of eccentric individuals who populate the bars of Dublin, living lives of decadence and abandon. Their frolics inevitably lead to a trip ‘back to the gaff,’ which in Dublin-speak means gravitating towards someone’s place of residence where the depravity continues.

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John P. Brady is an Irish writer, Financial Trader and occasional journalist.  He divides his time between Ireland and Italy.  His interests include travel writing, social comment and eccentric debauchery. His first book, Back to the Gaff, described as "Trainspotting meets Dubliners" is available. Buy the ebook

2 thoughts on “Customer Service Sicily Style

  • June 2, 2012 at 03:13

    My interactions with the people in Sicily were all pleasant. I’m very glad I didn’t have cell phone problems while I was there!

    • June 5, 2012 at 15:51

      Indeed! I’m glad. The Sicilians are so friendly and also very generous. I learned that one must accept their generosity and return the favour to keep them happy!


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